MLB DFS: Suggested Stacks – DraftKings & FanDuel Main Slates 6/21

This tool seeks to summarize the day’s stacking opportunities by providing several data points from our model. The tool is sorted by the most highly projected team batting orders by taking the average score from 1-9 for the morning’s projected lineup. The value columns are a point-per-dollar reflection of player projection at their specific price for both DraftKings and FanDuel. Home run rank is the team’s position in the “Full” column in our Power Index, and the final column is the ranking of the projection of the opposing starting pitcher.

MLB DFS: Suggested Stacks – June 21st, 2023

NOTE: we have adjusted the board for clarity by moving the opposing pitcher’s name to the right-hand side after a few questions indicated that it was reading as a pitcher ranking in the original format. We are also working on the best method for presenting projection averages for strong lineups with a weak bottom third that skews the average. Please feel free to ask any questions on Twitter or in our Discord, both are linked at the bottom of this article.

These are rankings, 1st is good, and 30th is bad. 

Context note: the eight-man Angels lineup is showing a strong average projection and excellent home run potential but will not have Shohei Ohtani available for DFS purposes which is a significant factor in rostering stacks of the team.

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