MLB DFS: Power Index – 9/20/23 – DraftKings & FanDuel – 6:40 / 7:05 Slates

This version of the power index is for the FanDuel 6:40 ET main slate and the DraftKings 7:05 ET night slate. FanDuel features five games with two commencing at 6:40 that are not included on the DraftKings slate, but the blue site foregoes the late-night game in Los Angeles that is included on DraftKings, where there are four games but only three in common from site to site, because this is September MLB DFS and we can’t have nice things. The slate has a heavy pitching lean with limited power options on both slates and several very good pitchers at fair or bargain prices.

Main Slate Power Index – 9/20/23

The power index represents a team’s opportunity for home run upside in the matchup against the scheduled starting pitcher. This is not a direct guideline for stacking, but it can be utilized to determine the most likely sources of power-based contact, hitters who are not homering are frequently hitting doubles and driving in runs, and providing valuable MLB DFS scoring. The “Full” column averages our home run opportunity score for each player in the lineup from 1-9, while the “Top 6” column averages only hitters 1-6, where teams typically place their most significant bats.

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