FREE MLB DFS Hitter Projections – DraftKings MLB & FanDuel MLB – Opening Day Special – Thursday LATE Slates – 3/28

MLB DFS Hitter Projections

The projections below are created from our custom MLB model for DraftKings and FanDuel. Projections will be updated for any injury/lineup change that breaks before lock as best as possible, lineups will be confirmed and updated as they are released.

Notes will be provided between updates as time allows. Bold text in the “Update Notes” line will be the most recent reporting, if the status line next to the time stamp is red and says “pending” the update to include the bold text news is in the works, while all of the non-bold news has been updated in the previous run; if it says “updated” in green, all of the news has been accounted for in the current projections. When in doubt or unavailable, we recommend @underdog_mlb for any breaking news.

Last updated: 6:54 pm ET – 3/28/24- updated

Update Notes: All lineups are confirmed.

The projections table includes FanDuel and DraftKings hitter projections as well as a rating for each player in our custom HR model (Scale: 5-10 Average; 10-20 Good; 20-25 Very Good; 25+ Great)

PlayerHandTeamGameFD POSFD$FDptsDK POSDK$DKptsHROrderStatus
Connor JoeRPITPIT@PHI1B/OF30009.951B/OF39007.855.611C
Bryan ReynoldsBPITPIT@PHIOF350011.24OF54008.888.662C
Ke'Bryan HayesRPITPIT@PHI3B30009.993B43008.085.843C
Edward OlivaresRPITPIT@PHIOF26009.71OF30007.816.044C
Andrew McCutchenRPITPIT@PHIOF26009.08OF41007.125.805C
Michael A. TaylorRPITPIT@PHIOF29008.35OF29006.665.516C
Oneil CruzLPITPIT@PHISS330010.20SS53008.018.267C
Jared TrioloRPITPIT@PHI3B27006.862B33005.552.168C
Henry DavisRPITPIT@PHIC/OF26008.06C31006.325.129C
Kyle SchwarberLPHIPIT@PHIOF330014.31OF500010.7414.141C
Trea TurnerRPHIPIT@PHISS310011.66SS57009.417.262C
Bryce HarperLPHIPIT@PHI1B370013.381B580010.369.653C
J.T. RealmutoRPHIPIT@PHIC290010.56C46008.396.994C
Alec BohmRPHIPIT@PHI3B/1B29009.073B40007.335.645C
Brandon MarshLPHIPIT@PHIOF30008.79OF34007.014.136C
Nick CastellanosRPHIPIT@PHIOF28008.87OF42007.106.227C
Bryson StottLPHIPIT@PHI2B28008.212B41006.664.038C
Whit MerrifieldRPHIPIT@PHI2B/OF24007.162B/OF33005.883.139C
Gunnar HendersonLBALBAL@BOSSS370013.87SS550010.887.331C
Adley RutschmanBBALBAL@BOSC320011.87C51009.325.452C
Anthony SantanderBBALBAL@BOSOF/1B340012.04OF47009.427.253C
Ryan O'HearnLBALBAL@BOS1B/OF260010.88OF35008.685.984C
Ryan MountcastleRBALBAL@BOS1B340011.221B44008.866.355C
Cedric MullinsLBALBAL@BOSOF300010.74OF37008.574.666C
Colton CowserLBALBAL@BOSOF21009.00OF31007.053.447C
Jordan WestburgRBALBAL@BOSSS/3B29009.082B/3B38007.243.538C
Jackson HollidayLBALBAL@BOSSS26007.84SS40006.281.989C
Jarren DuranLBOSBAL@BOSOF350012.00OF48009.655.771C
Tyler O'NeillRBOSBAL@BOSOF380012.30OF49009.638.632C
Masataka YoshidaLBOSBAL@BOSOF280010.80OF42008.686.133C
Triston CasasLBOSBAL@BOS1B290012.221B45009.398.694C
Wilyer AbreuLBOSBAL@BOSOF240010.07OF30007.866.065C
Enmanuel ValdezLBOSBAL@BOS2B23009.412B32007.435.366C
Reese McGuireLBOSBAL@BOSC25006.75C28005.582.187C
David HamiltonLBOSBAL@BOSSS22008.61SS27006.912.838C
Pablo ReyesRBOSBAL@BOS2B/SS/3B24007.582B/SS25006.133.149C

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